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Accept credit cards quickly and easily.

"No" means "No"

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Full-disclosure on all processing fees through open and honest communication.

Improve Cash Flow

Money is deposited in your account the next day - including American Express!

Guided Step-By-Step Process

Complete understanding of each step in the process


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Karen is very helpful, has great follow up and a joy to work with...

As the volunteer Director of Finance for a non-profit youth organization, I try to streamline and minimize expense wherever possible. Our by far largest expense reduction came in merchant service fees through COCARD and Karen Widas. We were able to reduce our annual bank and merchant fees by a significant amount and the transition was painless. Karen is very helpful, has great follow up and a joy to work with. Many thanks, Karen!!!

 - Customer, Non-Profit Youth Sports Organization

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Credit card processing is a learning process

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I’m not a great writer. I’m not even sure I’m a good writer. This became clear back in high school. Writing any type of paper was pure torture. And to really add salt to the wound my mother was an English teacher.

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December 31, 1969

My Philosophy

Confidence. Trust. Honesty.

You and your business are important to, well, you! And that makes them important to me. What do you want from a merchant service provider? What DON'T you want from a merchant service provider? How can I help you become more profitable and thus more successful? Let's work together to determine what the best solution is for your business!

Your business savvy will have you asking questions. A great way to learn! And your sharp eye to that bottom line will possibly have you shopping around. There are many merchant service providers out there. My hope is to provide for you confidence in my knowledge, trust in my business practices, and honesty in my pricing.

You treat your customers fairly, ethically and morally. You deserve to be treated the same way.

About Karen Widas


With a degree in Electrical Engineering, Karen has unique skills that set her apart from other merchant service providers. Her math and analytical skills allow her to provide a detailed and accurate cost analysis of the rates of other providers. Her technical and computer expertise make equipment installation, software setup and online transaction setup a straightforward and painless process. But don't let her "geekiness" mislead you. Karen's real talent is her customer service and building relationships with those she comes in contact with. When you work with Karen you will quickly learn why merchants put their trust and confidence in her.

"Becoming a merchant service provider came about quite unexpectedly.

As a small business owner and an avid member of BNI (I owned the Software Engineering seat), I was meeting other business owners who fell into two categories: those who accept credit cards but are unhappy with their service provider and the high prices and those who needed to get started accepting credit cards.

I was referring a friend of mine and fellow BNI member to these business owners. His ethics and business philosophy of full-disclosure (no surprises) made for an easy referral.

One day he approached me and said, “Instead of referring me, why not do this for yourself?”

After some thought and a few meetings with my friend, I came to the conclusion that this is the right path for me. He happens to be the owner of the company and I am proud to be a part of it. He allows me the freedom to do the right thing for each of my customers.

Since then I have been able to help numerous business owners. And it feels good to know that when they make the final decision they are doing so with confidence."